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Meet the world’s smartest crib

Cradlewise was founded in 2018 to develop a smart crib that uses AI and a built-in monitor to help babies stay snoozing for as long as possible and make the first years of parenting as joyous as possible, for the entire family. I worked closely with them to design, test and develop the new Analytics experience focused on driving better sleep outcomes for parents.


Product Design


Product Designer

Product Strategist


iOS Mobile


JP Stallard – Chief Experience Office

Aditi Kovid – UI Designer



Removing obstacles for parents with accurate data and stunning UX.

Cradlewise gained significant popularity for its smart crib. Despite the product's success, the app's analytics tool was not very user-friendly, and parents found it challenging to understand the information presented. Additionally, the company wanted to provide a competitive solution that would encourage parents to track their babies' activities inside the app, rather than relying on third-party applications.

Our goal was to design and develop a new analytics solution that would drive better sleep outcomes for parents and improve the overall user experience of the tool.



Bringing leadership together to create a shared vision for the app.

I began the project by conducting extensive research and one-on-one conversations with stakeholders, including the CEO, CTO, and Chief Experience Officer. The goal was to identify the company's business objectives and understand why the project was important for Cradlewise at that moment. Additionally, I analyzed the market and Cradlewise's overall product to identify opportunities for the new analytics tool.

By the end of the immersion phase, I had a clear understanding of the project's objectives and a well-defined roadmap for moving forward with the design process.

What I did:

  • 1:1 Stakeholders Interviews

  • Competitive Audit

  • Product & Application Audit


User Research

Putting parents first for better sleep outcomes.

During the UXR phase, I conducted a series of one-on-one conversations with real customers of Cradlewise to better understand the challenges they faced when monitoring their babies' sleep activity, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the current Analytics feature in meeting their needs.

Through these conversations, we discovered that many customers were relying on other applications to track their babies' activities due to the lack of understanding and capabilities of the Analytics feature. By gaining insights from customers about their expectations for an analytics tool, we were able to identify opportunities for Cradlewise to provide a better user experience that could lead to increased engagement and loyalty.

What I did:

  • User Interviews

  • Product Strategy

  • Information Analysis


User Experience

I conducted thorough benchmarking research to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Cradlewise's competitors. This included testing and analyzing the UX of competing applications and reviewing user feedback to better understand customer preferences.

With this information, I was able to organize the data and make informed decisions about the design of the new analytics feature. I presented multiple design directions to the team and worked collaboratively to evaluate and refine the best path forward.

What I did:

  • Benchmarking Research

  • User Flows

  • Wireframing


Visual Design

Giving meaning and purpose to data.

At this point, my focus was on creating the visual design for the new analytics tool. I designed up to 10 different iterations of the analytics graph until we landed on three directions to visualize the sleep activity.

With this definition, we incorporated other relevant elements such as auto-soothes, timers, and notifications. After several iterations, I developed a functional prototype for each proposal for user testing.

What I did:

  • UI Design

  • Prototyping


Impact created

A tool designed to make better decisions for better sleep.

After conducting usability testing with Cradlewise customers, we discovered that the analytics feature leveraging the crib shape was the most effective.

With valuable feedback, we iterated on the design and conducted a community survey. Results showed a 7x increase in the customers willingness to use the new Analytics tool, showing the impact of human-centered design on driving engagement and retention.