Hello, My name is Agustín, and for the past 10 years, I have been creating better human experiences with people that genuinely believe in a beautiful and better tomorrow.

Hello, My name is Agustín, and for the past 10 years, I have been creating better human experiences with people that genuinely believe in a beautiful and better tomorrow.


Passion brought me here

Computers and internet are two words that have shaped me since I was seven.

When I was a little kid, I used to visit my father's office during weekends whenever he had extra work to do. I have wonderful memories of us spending time together while using his computer to explore a magical place called the World Wide Web.

By the age of thirteen, I realized I could also be part of the movement that were shaping this new world. I made my first steps building my own websites, and later for others.

After having my bachelor's degree in Advertising I received an offer to join a fast-growing startup for a position I didn't hear before: UX/UI Design. Since then I never looked back.

I like to partner with brands and inspiring innovators to craft solutions that are simple, honest and meaningful to people. I found that design without intention is nothing more than decoration.

My creative process combines strategy, design, and human behavior. I’m interested in building products that bring health, help and hope to their users.

While I'm not focused on any awards or praise, I'm still very proud and motivated by the recognitions I got from the industry. Some of them came from CSS Design Awards, Behance, and Product Hunt.

Besides my work, I also enjoy writing for my newsletter called Bitácora. Here I share my ideas and thoughts about design and creativity to more than 2.500 subscribers.

I can help you with…


Product Design

With a focus on human-centered design, I deliver strong experiences that delight users and achieve measurable results. From ideation to prototyping and testing, I collaborate with teams and founders to create impactful design solutions that elevate your brand.


Web Design

I create visually stunning and functional websites for engaging and retention. From wireframing to prototyping and user testing, I work closely with companies to build intuitive and mobile-friendly designs that reflect your unique brand identity and achieve your business goals.


Design Direction

I can bring years of experience and creative vision to your project. With a passion for crafting compelling products and driving user engagement, I provide design leadership to teams, whether it's leading design sprints, facilitating design critiques, or mentoring designers.


UX Strategy

I help businesses transform their product visions into reality with strategic, data-driven roadmaps. By conducting user research, analyzing market trends, and identifying business opportunities, I can help you create actionable plans to deliver digital experiences that achieve measurable success.



Design academy and community that helps designers to empower their careers through on-demand courses, live workshops and educational content.


Ideas and thoughts about design, creativity and human potential right to the inbox of +2.500 subscribers.


Turn your favorite song into an unique playlist with the power of Spotify's API.



Independent Designer

Currently partnering with startups and large companies to build successful digital products and experiences.


New York

Founding Product Designer


Worked with the founders to conceptualize and design the company's product from scratch.


Los Angeles

Sr. Product Designer

Google C+E Studio

Collaborated with a team of Product Designers and UX Researchers in the exploration of the next evolution of creator tools and social content.


San Francisco

Founding Product Designer


Lead the concept and design of the company's product from scratch.


Buenos Aires

Co-founder & Design Director

Sans Bureau

Worked on client projects for my design and development studio.